Site Rules

Aeron Coast Caravan Park

We welcome you and sincerely hope your time with us is enjoyable. It is inevitable that there is a carefree attitude on holiday, in particular at a caravan park with its open spaces and sense of freedom. Therefore we ask you all to make your families aware of the potential dangers and rules we expect to be observed on the Park. These are not intended to be comprehensive but are reminders of the more obvious matters. We would appreciate you spending a few minutes reading these notes together.


Please make sure your personal belongings are safe and secure at all times and see your caravans and cars are locked when not occupied. Emergency telephone numbers are listed in the kiosk by the Office, in the Booking Office and in the Club. First aid kits are available at the Booking Office and at the Club.

Cars, bicycles etc.

The speed limit throughout the site is 5mph. All drivers on the Park must be qualified, fully licensed and insured and must observe the Highway Code. Bicycles, skateboards, blades etc. must be used with care and not after dark. We do not allow motorised scooters.

Swimming pool

The swimming pools are UNATTENDED and parents must be responsible for their children’s safety at all times. The area is strictly out of bounds when the pool is not officially open. Anyone diving or jumping into the pool or using inflatables will be banned from the area. The consumption of alcohol or the use of glasses is not permitted in the swimming pool area. It is important that a responsible adult is in charge of your children when they are using the pool. Children under the age of 15 years and non-swimmers of any age should never be permitted into the pool area unsupervised. The pools are heated but we advise the temperature should be checked to see it is suitable for your use. Visitors to your caravan must call at the Booking Office to sign our safety form.


Parents must responsibly supervise their children at all times on the Park. Please accompany them when using the shower and toilet blocks. Bicycles and footballs are not permitted in the area outside the Club or in the leisure rooms and there should be no bicycle riding or football playing after dusk. The Aeron room, leisure rooms and all other facilities are for your enjoyment but please regulate the behaviour of your children for their safety and the benefit of other guests. Adults must not buy drinks for underage children.


Due to safety, dogs are not allowed to wander on the Park and must be kept on leads at all times. Any owner abusing this will be asked to leave. Our Park and its green spaces are clean and maintained to the highest standards for hygiene reasons and for the enjoyment of our residents, including small children. A dog walk path along the sea bank and a fenced dog toilet area is provided. If a dog fouls the Park outside this area, the owner is expected to clean up thoroughly. Dogs must not be walked by children under 12 years.


Please have consideration for others with regards sound. No musical equipment or television should be audible to your immediate neighbours between 10pm and 8am.

Aeron Coast property and security

Residents and visitors are not permitted to climb on or use any of the Company’s vehicles. Throughout the Park, there are sophisticated electrical, gas fittings and other equipment. They must not be tampered with. If any equipment is not working, please report it to the Management. A security guard will patrol the Park at night during the height of the season. Please do not damage, prune or remove any of our shrubs or trees.

Fire precautions

There are fire points throughout the Park. Please check your nearest.All static caravans and touring units should have fire extinguishers. These can be bought at the Site Office. Please read carefully the manufacturers instructions regarding the use of calor gas equipment.

At Aeron Coast we pride ourselves on our happy and harmonious community. We therefore reserve the right to refuse admission if this should compromise the welfare of our guests. Any one who determinedly fails to follow the rules of the Park or who causes offence or damage will be asked to leave and will be liable for any damage caused.